History of The Boone-Madison

             Public Library


The year was 1974 and Boone County finally had a real library of its own.  One of the two banks in downtown Madison was relocating to a new building and wishing to be freed from the expenses of maintenance and taxes this building incurred , sold it to the Boone-Madison Library Board for the sum total of "one dollar."

Prior to this and during the depression (late 1920's and most of the thirties,) there was a library located in a building across the street.  This library was run on a voluntary basis by the Women's Club of Madison.  The collection consisted of donations by the members who kept it open a few days a week.

The library dissolved about the time WW 11 began.  Then there was no form of library until the WV Library Commission established the bookmobiles.

In 1977, the first of three carousel instant libraries in Boone County appeared in the Barrett-Wharton area.   Three years later, across Williams Mountain, the second carousel branch was constructed and became the Coal River Branch Library.  In 1984, the third branch was constucted in Whitesville.

The early 1980's saw the beginning of automation in the Boone-Madison Public library.  In the middle and late 1990's the old computer system for library operations was replaced at the main library by Personal Computers for patrons and library services.  Today all Boone County Libraries have computers and access to the internet is readily available to the public.

Although the library has survived several years of financial challenges, the citizens of Boone County demonstrate their support overwhelmingly for the passage of the Boone County Library Levy of 1998, and again in 2001.